The famous Brazilian singer and songwriter Gilberto Gil is quoted as saying “Brazil was, is, and will be in fashion.” The country is truly unique. Brazil is named after one of its earliest exports; the Brazilwood; and much like its namesake the country evokes a sense of verdant wonders and fiery passion. Even its national flag is a reminder of its distinct identity. Brazil’s influence on the world is incalculable. It is the birthplace of a culture so well-known across the globe that, upon mention of its name, one is never far from hearing the likes of “Bossa Nova” or “Futebol”. It may sometimes feel like Brazil cannot be talked about without speaking of its renowned artists and athletes, but even the most cursory look at what the country has to offer yields a wealth of history far beyond those things. South America’s largest and most populous nation is dotted with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world stretching across its ample Eastern coast; from the Northern borders which embrace the majority of the Amazon rainforest; to its Southern-most tip cradled by the Atlantic.

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