Chile's extraordinary geography is a testament to its distinctiveness, with territory spanning three world regions: South America, Oceania, and Antarctica. Chile's continental length creates a canvas for an array of privileged landscapes, extending over 2,672 miles/ 4,300 kilometers in a narrow strip between the formidable Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, showcasing a breathtaking panorama of geographical wonders.

This remarkable expanse begins with the Atacama Desert, the planet's most arid desert, where otherworldly landscapes and celestial phenomena captivate the imagination. Transitioning through a fertile central valley, Chile then reveals a land of lakes and volcanoes, where pristine waters mirror the snow-capped peaks that punctuate the skyline. The journey southward leads to the glaciers, fjords, and granite mountains of wild Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego – the farthest reaches of the continent. Chile's natural wonders paint a vivid picture of contrasts, offering travelers an unparalleled exploration of diverse ecosystems and breathtaking scenery along this slender stretch of South America.


Year Round


6-12 months in advance

Chile is a year-round destination with optimal periods depending on the region. Best time to visit Patagonia is October to March. December to February is peak season in Chile and when you will find the most crowds. 

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