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Colombia is an amazing land of contrasts and after being off the wish list for several years it is rapidly becoming one of the highlights of South America. With its rich cultural history, amazing architecture, geographical diversity and the simple warmth and hospitality of its people it’s easy to see why this fascinating country is becoming an increasingly popular spot for overseas visitors. Located in the North West of the continent sharing borders with Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, Colombia is the 4th largest country in South America.

It’s the only South American country to boast two coast lines on the Pacific and Atlantic (Caribbean) oceans it also shares Amazonian rain forest with Brazil and Peru also Los llanos or vast plains area with Venezuela. Three ranges of the Andean mountains run from the south to the north of the country.

With its pre Colonial, Colonial and Republican history Colombia has a wealth of cultural attractions. Nature and wildlife abound in its diverse landscapes and the spirit and warmth of the Colombian people will ensure your Colombian experience will be one that lingers on long after your return home.

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