So, you’ve chosen a destination and have a time frame in mind, but you’re unsure of how you want to travel and see the sights. At Travelous, we know it’s a big decision choosing whether to travel with an escorted group or privately. It can make or break your travel experience - so we’re here to help! Here are the pros and cons of touring private versus group; and remember, your Travelous Life awaits! 

Group Tours:

Group ToursYou might be more interested in traveling with an escorted tour group if you…

  • Are traveling alone and want ‘instant travel companions.
  • Want to travel with new people who may happen to have similar interests as yours and are in the same age range as you.
  • Appreciate set itineraries and timelines.
  • Are interested in seeing the main highlights of a select destination. Guided tours are designed to meet the needs of the masses.
  • Enjoy having your meals planned for you (pre fix style).

Private Tours:

You’re better suited for traveling privately if you…

  • Private ToursWant to travel with individuals who you know and are comfortable with.
  • Need flexibility – like having the ability to choose travel dates according to your schedule.
  • Are interested in working with a knowledgeable tour architect to create a unique, custom itinerary based on your style and budget.
  • Want to venture off the beaten path and sight see your way – no worrying about others.
  • Enjoy eating at local restaurants and experiencing authentic cultural cuisines.
  • Are interested in getting a more in depth and personal look into the locale.
  • Don’t like time constraints; private tours give you the autonomy to decide when you start each day and how long you spend at any given location; dictating your own travel pace.
  • Want to stay in the accommodations of your choice.
  • Would like to travel in your own private vehicle as opposed to a coach bus.
  • Prefer to travel with your own certified personal tour guide who knows the ins-and-outs of your chosen destination and can speak the native tongue.

At Travelous, we specialize in The Private Tour Experience so you can travel fabulous, affordably.

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