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Anand and Alyssa Ramineni – Egypt & Greece


Anand & Alyssa Ramineni – Travelous World Traveler 

Egypt & Greece - April/May, 2018


"Really couldn’t have asked for anything better! Really liked our guides and the pickup & transfers were perfect. "

Tour Details

This was a good one! And the award for husband of the year goes out to Anand Ramineni for planning the Ultimate Honeymoon for his wife Alyssa. Not only was a South African Safari on the menu with stops in Zambia & Botswana, Anand didnt stop there. He then reached out to Travelous to take him all over Egypt and then onto Greek Islands. He basically wanted to combine three trips into the Honeymoon of the ages. Safe to say, we made it happen and then some!

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Kassie Zhang & Family - Greece

Zhang Family - Athens Greece   

Kassie Zhang & Family – Travelous World Traveler 

Greece - March, 2018

"Greece is a country rich in culture and history. We definitely got more out of it from having someone experienced planning our luxury getaway!"

Tour Details

The Zhang family trip to Greece was an interesting case. Opting to travel in March to avoid both the crowds and the heat, this was not the typical Greece vacation that you see or hear about. Kassie Zhang was tasked with finding a suitable operator to help plan a custom luxury experience for her parents and sister who had chosen Greece for their upcoming family vacation. The result, was a private guided historical & cultural exploration of the cradle of civilization and a Greek Island experience free some the hoards of tourist that descend upon this Mediterranean paradise every summer. From Athens to Epidaurus, Nafplion to Olympia, Delphi to Meteora, and ending off in breathtaking Santorini - this was a Travelous trip the Zhang's will never forget and neither will we!

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Sara and Ummara


Sara and Ummara Akram – Travelous World Travelers 

Greece - Aug, 2017

"Without the thorough planning by Travelous our holiday would not have been as stress free, relaxing and enjoyable as it was!"

Tour Details

These two travelling sisters were headed across the pond for a family event in the U.K. They enlisted the help of Travelous to turn that into a 16 day trip extension to Greece & Italy. The result was Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Rome and the Amalfi Coast. On a tight budget, we still managed to create an experience chalked full with a lifetime of memories!

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Antonia Colombia


Antonia Sampalean - Travelous World Traveler

Colombia - August, 2017

"We had an unbelievable experience in Colombia!"

Tour Details

Antonia approached us about a trip to Colombia for her and her husband. Knowing exactly what she wanted, all we did was follow orders and make it happen. As a result, here is Antonia's trip in her own words: The striking colonial architecture contrasted by modern buildings in the sprawling city of Bogota was absolutely shocking. The jewel of South America, Cartagena, was vibrant in color, taste and sound. Wandering about the narrow city streets brought us back in time, with the salty ocean breeze at our backs. The gentle, turquoise seas of Playa Blanca offered perfect relaxation and an opportunity to eat delicious fresh catch. Climbing the waterfall in Minca was on of the highlight's of our trip, especially since our effort was rewarded off by some organic, homemade snacks made just a short hike away. Tayrona provided us the opportunity to experience the Colombian jungle and coastline as well as meet the Arawak people (the Maipuran) living within the confines of the park. Mountains, jungles, white-sanded beaches, stunning architecture and a country that is both rich in history and culture. What more could you want?

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Stephen (Scotland)


Stephen Krupnick - Travelous World Traveler

Scotland - February, 2017

"Thank you for another great trip! Scotland was beautiful, and the hotels you chose were wonderful. Everything went off like clock-work and I'm already planning my next trip with Travelous."

Tour Details

Looking to check another country off the list, this time Stephen came to us with dreams of taking on Scotland and he wanted to do it on his own. The result was an 11 day self-drive tour that we affectionately refer to as the Scotland Explorer. Stephen highlighted the areas that were a must to photograph and Travelous took it from there by mapping the route, decking him out it a fully loaded Volvo SUV, curating the stunning boutique properties that consisted of a range of remote guesthouses, manors & castles, and finally providing just the right amount of guided touring for good measure. Chalk this up to another Wanderlous set of Travelous memories. We make a great team Stephen and cant wait to bring your next photo expedition to life!

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Meghan's France Trip


Meghan Crux - Travelous World Traveler

France - October, 2016

"Travelous took the reigns, determined what I was looking for, proposed several options and finalized my decisions. They took all the stress out of planning."

Tour Details

First time solo Traveler, Meghan Crux approached Travelous with the task of checking 'Pastry Chef' off of her bucket list. The result, was 'A Taste of France' - 14 days of Culinary bliss that included a one week intensive Patisserie cooking class and Parisian immersion. Meghan may have been in love with the food before this trip but she now has a new found love direct from the source - France.

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Anna Yu - Travelous World Traveler

Italy - March, 2016

"Many thanks for an amazing and memorable trip!"


Tour Details

World Traveler Anna Yu, approached Travelous with the task of creating a special experience for her and her mother in Italy. Having traveled extensively but never to Europe, we felt we were up to the job. Highlights included, Ancient Rome & the Vatican City, Florence, The Tuscan countryside, including San Gimignano, Chianti, and Pisa before ending off in romantic Venice. This tour covered all five senses with taste being the main ingredient throughout - After all, this is Italy. 

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Stephen (Cartagena)


Stephen Krupnick - Travelous World Traveler

Colombia - March, 2016

"Cartagena was amazing and Im now planning my next trip with Travelous!"


Tour Details

World Traveler and professional photographer, Stephen Krupnick, reached out to us with an itch for crossing Colombia off his list. Short on time, the result was a photo tour we enthusiastically refer to as the "Colors of Cartagena".

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Christina Carmichael


Christina Carmichael - Travelous World Traveler

Greece - Sept, 2015

"We've just come back from a trip of a lifetime! It's everything Chris told us it would be and more. Now to plan our next trip."

Tour Details

Christina Carmichael reached out to Travelous looking for help planning her trip of a lifetime. Of Greek descent, Christina had never experienced the magical Hellenic Republic. Along with her husband and daughter, we curated a trip with the essentials for a first timer. Locations included: Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and Rhodes with a little day trip to Marmaris, Turkey thrown in for good measure. Her Mediterranean getaway is one she will carry with her for years to come and while we know she cant wait to go back, to that we say "There's a whole world out there Christina, and we can't wait to help you continue your journey of living the Travelous Life!"   

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Sari's Israel Trip


Sari Gabbay - Travelous World Traveler

Israel - May, 2015

"Love this place! Thank you Travelous!"

Tour Details

Sari Gabbay reached out to Travelous with Israel in mind. Although she had been there many times before, she was looking for help in planning a trip for her husband who had never been. Her parameters required ample time in Tel Aviv to visit with friends & family, and private guided touring and transfers to her favorite places. Highlights included: Jaffa, Akko, Rosh Hanikra, Safed (Tzfat), and the incomparable Jerusalem.

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Brians Peru Trip


Brian Tomac – Travelous World Traveler 

Peru - May, 2014

"I’m truly going to miss Peru; one of the best places to travel to…period!"

Tour Details

Solo World Traveler Brian Tomac approached Travelous with the goal of helping him explore one of the most sought after destinations on his bucket list - Peru. What transpired was an 18 day journey through this beautiful ancient land. Tour highlights included: Cuzco to the Sacred Vallery, from the Salkantay Trek through to the incredible Machu Picchu, Wayna Picchu, Amazon, Manu National Park, Arequipa, Huacachina, Isla Ballestas National Reserve & Lima.

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Twyla Monti - Travelous World Traveler 

Costa Rica - April, 2015

"It was an amazing trip and we made some great friends!"

Tour Details

World Traveler Twyla Monti contacted Travelous wanting to take a trip to Costa Rica for her birthday celebration and to learn to surf. We planted her in a beachfront resort in the small town of Tamarindo, on the northwestern coast. Aside from surfing lessons and board rentals, we arranged a snorkeling excursion to Guanacaste, ATV tours to the Magical Playa Conchal Beach, outdoor massages & candlelit dinners for Twyla and her significant other. To top it off, Travelous gave Twyla the true Costa Rican experience by bringing her to a beach bar for an evening of live music and a chance to mingle with the locals.

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