The options are endless when you plan a trip to Mexico. One day you can be beachside with a margarita, and the next, you are exploring ancient ruins and historical landmarks. Mexico is the spot for you, no matter what type of vacation you’re looking to have! There are number of places to explore in mexico but here are five exciting things to know before your travels begin, it's time we jump right in.

Small City Hidden Gems
There are huge cities in Mexico with all sorts of life and culture. The smaller areas of Mexico can be just as breathtaking, especially with beach views. Take the city of San Miguel De Allende, a haven for expats, but don’t let that deter you from visiting these smaller areas of Mexico. There may not be the nightlife or the busyness of places like Mexico City, but these small areas offer such a great place for travelers to get to know the Mexican way of life. Whether it's a hidden gem quaint restaurant, fresh margarita, or must-see walking path, it's worth the stop.

Stunning Beaches Galore
Now, let's return to those beautiful beach views and margaritas mentioned. Several areas of Mexico have breathtaking beaches and then some. Not to mention, Tulum offers some incredibly spectacular views and fun in the sun. With just under a 50,000 population, this can be an excellent area for some much-deserved quiet beach time compared to a much larger size in Cancun. After all, a moment of relaxation is well deserved!

If all of this hasn't convinced you to go to Mexico, maybe, consider the Baja peninsula. We're confident it will. Baja is like a country within a country. Yes, that may be confusing, but stick with us, promise we're onto something here. The peninsula is separated by the gulf of California and touches the Pacific Ocean. This is where you can see some incredible out-of-this-world beaches. It's like nothing you've seen before. Surrounded by water, the land is detached from most of mainland Mexico, but it still holds on to its rich Mexican culture.

A Bite-Size of Heaven

The drink sizes are plenty in Mexico, and you definitely get your money's worth. They have culinary arts that are out of this world, like appetizers, side dishes, and main courses. The country is begging to stimulate your taste buds, from tacos to tamales. Name something better than that. You have no shortage of things you'd expect and some unexpected. Need an example? We're happy to share one. Probably something people wouldn't expect in Mexico is there is a lot of wine. There are vineyards to do wine tastings and see the country. Grab your girlfriends and get to it! There's, of course, always tequila for the more traditional traveler.

It's safe to say Mexico is a culinary staple of the world. No matter where in the world, a Mexican dish or drink is most likely available and, might we add, delicious. The country and its people have stood the test of time and have only become more cemented into the foundation of our world culture. You can only imagine how much the food improves as time goes on.

Fascinating UNESCO Historic Sites

Mexico's history and ancient sites are some of the most noteworthy places in the world. Yucatán is home to many beautiful locations and views in the country. A unique tropical rainforest and jungle that makes for just the right amount of Vitamin D. Now, that's something to see.

Following that, the Mayan steps are some of the most breathtaking places, along with the Chichén Itzá. With 365 steps to climb and four sides to the pyramid, it truly feels like you are on top of the world, and that's not even half of it. Created after every day of the year, you can even reminisce on each step. From some of your most memorable years to what you hope for in the coming years. Built for religious purposes, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and soak in all that's in front of you.

Ancient Ruins

We can tell you firsthand the ancient ruins are not a scenery to miss. A beautiful masterpiece that truly takes your breath away. You could easily spend years exploring all the ruins in Mexico with how astonishing they are.

Let us leave you with this; the ancient ruins are one of the most visited sites in Mexico. Yep, that’s how good it is, so make sure your phone is fully charged to snap all the photos.

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed? We get it! There's a lot to see, and it's time to recap. There aren't enough words to describe this country's beautiful and unique scenery. Mexico should make it to the top of your bucket list very soon. No matter the route you take, we know your trip will be gorgeous and filled with never-ending excitement.

And when it does, make sure to send us a note on which meal was your absolute favorite. The most important thing is that you enjoy the moment. Allow yourself to be free and open-minded!

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