Regardless of the season, there's always a good reason to visit Argentina. Aside from this destination's unbelievably unique landscape and the fact that you can stroll through golden deserts, indulge in local wine tastings, experience top-notch ski resorts, walk among penguins and spot whales, hike on spectacular glaciers, enjoy sultry tango, climb the astounding Andes, explore kilometers of trails at Iguazu Falls and many, many more in one nation alone, Argentina also offers a variety of climates to choose from, thanks to its generous size. On top of that, you can easily hop over to another Travelous destination, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile or Peru, if the above mentioned isn't enough.

Since Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, its seasons are the opposite of ours. While we may equate the Holiday season with toasty fires, sleigh bells, and winter wonderlands, Christmas means sun and barbecues to the Argentines. It’s important to note that every season has its benefits. January and February are the best months weather-wise to visit the stunning area of El Calafate. Better to plan ahead as these popular month are in high demand for both locals and international visitors.

March to May

These are incredible months to visit certain parts of Argentina. Kids are back in school so things are relatively quiet on the tourist front. Hot summer days have given out to the crisp but still warm, colorful days of fall. So, where to?

Mendoza, It's harvest season in the wine capital of Argentina, an array of vivid colors, deep green valleys, and delicious new wine awaits you in this stunning region. Vast wineries are bustling with activity and the city, which is a cultural and culinary hub, has cooled down after months of blazing sunshine. Whether you want to lose yourself in the perfectly manicured vineyards, set at the base of the soaring Andes mountains, or in the city's countless plazas and tree-lined boulevards, now is the time to do it.


Oh, Iguazu, a real Wonder of Nature, a traveler's dream destination, combining the marvels of this planet with the intelligence of human design. At Iguazu, miles upon miles of trails await exploration; bridges and walkways will take you above, behind and beyond the Falls. You will see each angle of this Wonder, every one of them allowing you to experience the carved rock. These months are perfect for visiting as the weather is warm but not too hot and you won't be up against crowds.


Crossing over the vast desert, astoundingly unique scenery is what you'll find in Salta, home to the world's seven-colored mountain. Between March to May, the sky is clear and tourists are few, giving you the perfect environment to wander down cobblestone streets, explore museums, cafes, cathedral and the Inca legacy that was left behind.



Bariloche is spectacular year-round, the perfect place for nature lovers. But if you enjoy snow and winter sports, this is the absolute best time to visit Bariloche, in Argentina's famous northern Patagonia. The National Snow Festival takes place in August, celebrating all the joys that come with winter: snowboarding, sledding, Nordic skiing, Alpine skiing. Even if you don't enjoy winter sports, then hiking and horseback riding in Bariloche offer stunning views of glacier lakes and the soaring Andes at every corner.


The weather in Cordoba is dry during the winter and surprisingly mild, permitting travelers to explore the many structural and cultural wonders of this city, Argentina's former capital. A university city with deep colonial roots. Cordoba is rivers, lakes, modern city combined with 17th century architectural feats. It's more than worth a visit.

Villa La Angostura

On the shores of the deep blue Lake Nahuel Huapi, Villa La Angostura boasts volcanoes, dense forests giving way to rivers and dizzying cliffs, enchanted valleys and more. Although the weather is warmest in January and February, March is its driest month as well as a quiet month, so the beautiful landscape is just for you and the lucky few present.

September -November

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is gorgeous during the Spring (yes, Spring is in September to November). The huge Jacaranda trees are in bloom and the entire city turns vivid purple, alive with fragrance and color. It's the perfect backdrop to the incredible colonial and post-colonial architectural sites decorating the city. The streets are buzzing after being asleep for the winter months and the atmosphere is lively.

Rio de Janeiro

Since Rio is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Argentina, I wanted to give it an honorable mention. These months of the year, especially October, are a great time to visit. Aside from the October 12-15 holidays, it's a quiet and chill month. The weather is warm but not oppressively hot, the beach resorts are in their low season, the seawater is the perfect temperature and the nights are still breezy and cool. Whether you're spending time frolicking the beach or lounging by the pool, exploring the city or hiking in the green around it, you're bound to love it.

El Calafate/ El Chalten

Heading into the heart of Patagonia, the land of brilliant blue glaciers, infinite freshwater lake -a hiker's delight, you will be given once in a lifetime opportunities to see (and hear) spectacular displays of natural occurrences. As a result, it's best to go when others aren't flocking towards this heaven on Earth too. This time of the year is dry, sunny and cool. You need a jacket but it's a small price to pay.


Puerto Madryn

Imagine thousands upon thousands of penguins huddled together after having given birth to their precious young. Picture dolphins swimming into the warming seas, flipping, leaping and somersaulting as they arrive at their destination. Then there are the whales, actively swimming by, unafraid of the increasingly urban ocean setting. Yes, this time of the year is very busy in Puerto Madryn and the surrounding areas but coming into close contact with these rare creatures, which coincide in the ocean during this time, is worth the while.


Head to the “End of the World” at the end or beginning of the year, creating unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Whether you’re hiking on a glacier, searching for penguin colonies or boat riding on pristine lakes, the milder climate will allow you to feel comfortable enough spending the entire day outdoors.

And that's it but it’s certainly not all. Many of these places are astounding year-round, each season offering loads of benefits. But all in all, Argentina is the kind of destination you’ll keep returning to, each time catching a glimpse of something else and forever wanting more.

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