Welcome to this edition of Travelous Via VR! This month we explore the wonders of ancient Greece on a 14-day tour that will bring peace to the mind, body and soul. Our journey takes us through sumptuous spas, ancient fortresses and mythical castles, along serene hikes traversing diverse ecosystems, to Greece’s wine region where your senses will be captivated by centuries-old farming techniques, into crystal-clear waterfalls, along golden dunes, and onto the tranquility of iconic Grecian white-sand beaches. 

We invite you to sit back and explore the magic of Greece in this Travelous private experience that’s sure to leave you relaxed, renewed, and intrigued by all Greece has to offer.

Days 1 & 2: Athens

Welcome to Athens! One of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world, Athens has shared its knowledge with the world for over 5,000 years. This cradle of civilization prides itself on drawing on the knowledge of language, philosophy, medicine, mathematics and literature from around the world to educate its inhabitants. 

Day 3: Epidaurus

Today, venture to Epidaurus, an important commercial center on the eastern coast of the Argolid peninsula, where you’ll explore the Ancient Amphitheatre, known for its perfect acoustics. Built in 340 BC, it is so well-preserved that it is still used today for dramatic theatrical performances and concerts, as well as the famous annual Epidaurus Festival. The theater is large enough to house 13,000 to 14,000 spectators, and its sound is so perfect, spectators in the back rows have been known to hear comedians on stage without any amplification. 

Days 4 & 5: Monemvasia

On Day 4, wander through the picturesque and winding narrow streets of the Upper and Lower town of Monemvasia with your private guide. Explore the fortress walls and churches to journey back in time and imagine the life of this mythical castle town through the centuries. Gazing at Myrtoo Sea below the imposing rock, relive the stories and the legends, listen to poems written about Monemvasia, and learn more about the local history, architecture and culture.

And on day 5, hike the private ancient vineyards of Kinsterna and along the footpaths of the surrounding area, where the magic of the Greek countryside unfolds before your eyes. 

Day 6: Mystras & Sparta

Sitting on the steep slopes of Taygetus Mountains and surrounded by ancient walls, this former Byzantine capital is where the last Byzantine emperor was crowned. Explore the churches (the oldest dating back to 1270), wall paintings and floor mosaics, Frankish & Ottoman monuments, and the foundations of homes and palace ruins where the nobles once lived.

Day 7: Hiking Gialova & Paleocastro

Take a stroll along the path that circles the Gialova lagoon where you can witness its unique ecosystem, deemed a protected zone by the EU. It serves as a wildlife habitat for migratory birds, which stop here first on their way from Africa to Northern Europe, and is home to a multitude of mammals, reptiles, amphibians & fish. 

Day 8: Euphoria

Today we invite you to indulge in a wellness day at the aptly-named Euphoria Retreat. Based on healing traditions from the ancient principles of Asclepia and Hippocratic medicine, coupled with Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern scientific advances, the Retreat is a destination spa focused on holistic wellbeing. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, lush pine forests, fertile valleys and fields, the luxury facility is the perfect place to restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

Day 9: Ancient Nemea & Nafplion

Those who truly love wine will revel in Peloponnese’s excellent wineries, especially around Nemea, one of the largest and richest wine-producing areas in Greece. Today you’ll visit three wineries to taste the trademark drink of the area, the ancient Agiorgitko, as well as other Greek wines produced locally. 

Day 10: Mystras to Messinia

Today, journey to the luxury destination of Costa Navarino, in the southwest Peloponnese, an unspoiled paradise offering some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the Mediterranean. The area is teeming with stunning bays, astounding archaeological sites, waterfalls, and freshwater lakes. Its proximity to astounding sites like the Ancient Messini, or Neokastro, a castle fort from 1573; make it an adventure for beach-lovers and cultural buffs as well.

Day 11: Costa Navarino

Spend this day exploring more of the natural beauty of Costa Navarino. The first spot we suggest visiting – one of Greece’s best-kept secrets – is Polilimnio, a verdant paradise that brings you through a spectacular woodsy forest to a small gorge, with many waterfalls and natural pools, in an intense shade of turquoise. Jump in for a refreshing swim admire Lyies, the 30-meter tall waterfall, spraying mist upon anyone who dares to venture near it.

Day 12: Costa Navarino

After exploring the Methoni, a seaside castle built on a small islet, journey onto Ancient Messini, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city was founded in 369 BCE and named the capital of the Messenian state. Its well-preserved towers and gates surround the ancient city, and public and religious buildings are enticing for both history and architecture lovers. Monuments such as the Theatre and Arsinoe Fountain, named for the daughter of the King of Messene Leucipo and mother of Asclepius, are in remarkable condition.

Day 13: Athens

Today you’ll journey back to Athens, where you’ll have a chance to immerse yourself in authentic Greek nightlife. One of Athens’ best entertainers will escort you to some of the most iconic nightlife venues known only to locals. Explore regional specialty cocktails, and authentic handmade snacks and mezes. 

Day 14: Athens

Today, sadly, brings your visit to Greece to an end. But we look forward to sharing future journeys with you, throughout the world! Visit this page to see our other destinations, and this page for the complete Monemvasia, Mystras & Messina Travelous Private Tour. 


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