A trip to India is an experience like no other. From the hustle and bustle of the cities to the serenity of nature, there is something for everyone in India. Whether you are looking for a cultural experience, a culinary journey, or just some time to relax and unwind, India has it all. Here are ten must-do activities if you find yourself on a trip to this fascinating country.

  • Taj Mahal - No trip to India is complete without seeing the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra. This stunning marble mausoleum was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal and is one of the most famous monuments in the world. Take time out of your day to admire its beauty from up close and capture some photos that will stay with you forever. Top tip: it is best to arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds and capture a beautiful sunrise picture!


  • Varanasi - This ancient city located on the banks of the Ganges River is one of the oldest in the world and is an important religious pilgrimage site for Hindus. Varanasi is home to some of the most colourful temples, ghats, and rituals that you'll ever see.


  • Khajuraho Temples - This ancient temple complex located in central India is renowned for its intricately carved sculptures depicting various aspects of Hindu mythology. A visit here will take you back in time. It's home to more than 20 million people and is a religious center for Hindus who come here for spiritual rejuvenation and peace of mind. Take part in some of Varanasi's rituals such as bathing in the river Ganges or attend an evening Ganga Aarti ceremony at Dashashwamedh Ghat—you'll never forget it. If you have the chance to attend Aarti Ceremony, it is definitely worth your while!


  • Bollywood - The Indian film industry is one of the largest in the world and Bollywood movies have been captivating audiences worldwide since 1913! If you're visiting Mumbai or Delhi, take time out from sightseeing to visit some iconic filming locations such as Film City or Yash Raj Studios where many classic films have been shot over the years!


  • Wildlife Safari - Home to over 400 national parks, sanctuaries, game reserves, biosphere reserves, wetlands, etc., India offers plenty of opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable safari experience! Head out into one of these natural havens such as Kanha Tiger Reserve or Ranthambore National Park and spot tigers, elephants, deer, wild boars, leopards, bears and more!


  • Goa - If you're looking for some restful days on white sandy beaches with swaying palm trees then look no further than Goa! Located on India's western coast along Arabian Sea shores this former Portuguese colony offers plenty of activities such as beach hopping along its stunning coastline or exploring its 16th-century churches! And don't miss out on sampling regional delicacies such as fish curry rice or spicy vindaloo stew while you're there!


  • City Palace Complex - Found along Lake Pichola in Udaipur stands City Palace Complex—one of Rajasthan’s most impressive architectural sites! Built between 1559-1577 AD by Maharana Udai Singh II this complex features several structures made from granite stone including the Sajjan Garh palace which offers panoramic views over Udaipur city surrounded by lakes and mountains! Don't miss it when you're in town!


  • New Delhi & Old Delhi – New Delhi is not only home to governmental buildings but also serves as a gateway to discovering culture & history. Visit the Jama Masjid and Humayun's Tomb, built in 1570. It inspired several major architectural innovations, culminating in the construction of the Taj Mahal. Old Delhi reveals glimpses into traditional culture through its narrow streets filled with bazaars selling everything from spices & jewelry to fabrics & antiques, making it an ideal destination when shopping for keepsakes during your visit!

  • Kavaratti – it may be a shock to many that Kavaratti has one of the best clear coral reefs to explore! Surrounded by lush green coconut plantations offering visitors the chance to explore coral reefs, witness sea turtles nesting grounds, swim among exotic fishes & even indulge themselves in traditional Lakshadweep cuisine making it the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful getaway!


  • Food & Cuisine – Indulge yourself in delicious Indian food throughout your visit, ranging from spicy tandoori dishes in the North, sweet desserts in the South, tangy chaats in the West, and rich curries East! Don’t forget to sample popular street snacks such as samosas vada pavs are available everywhere during your stay!

India truly has something special to experience through each region’s unique culture, cuisine, and history; these top ten scratch the surface of what this amazing country offers. Whether travellers are interested in exploring vibrant cities, participating in spiritual ceremonies, indulging themselves in delicious food, or simply admiring historical sites, every visitor will have the opportunity to discover something new during their visit. Let Travelous design the ultimate itinerary for your journey to India, and ensure you experience these must-do activities on your trip!


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