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Turkey embraces modernity yet upholds the vast historical and cultural treasures it has amassed over thousands of years. A true synthesis between the West and the East, this is a nation that proudly extends itself over two continents to relinquish a truly fascinating culture.

There are so many unique places to Discover Turkiye by Private Tour. Here are some of the exciting things you can experience:


The total population of Turkey as of 2014 is 73,923,000.

Local Time

The time zone in Turkey situated at the connecting point of Asia and Europe is GMT +2.


While Turkish is the official language, English is the most spoken foreign language everywhere in Turkey. You should have no problem meeting people who can speak English and help you get around in all the big cities, shopping malls, restaurants and holiday resorts.

Visa Requirements

Welcoming millions of visitors from around world every year, Turkey aims to ensure with its advanced visa system that visitors have a pleasant holiday experience.

Visitors can easily apply for a tourist visa in just a few steps at and start to explore the unique nature of Turkey the minute they arrive in Turkey.

Tourists can obtain an electronic visa (e-Viza) via online application provided that they have a minimum 6- months- valid passport by the date of application. Tourists can explore Turkey and its wealth of culture, history and scenic beauty as they like unless their visit exceeds 90 days.


Turkish Lira is the local currency of the Republic of Turkey. Visitors can exchange their cash money for Turkish Lira at exchange offices and banks. For example: $1 USD = 2.34 TRY. Apart from Turkish Lira, strong currencies such as U.S. Dollar and Euro are widely accepted by large shopping centers, hotels and restaurants. It is advisable, however, that you carry some Turkish Lira with you at all times for your own convenience.

Electrical Current

The Turkish power supply is single phase 220 volts at 50 Hertz. Most power sockets in Israel have three pin holes, but many of them will work with double-pin European plugs. Visitors who want to use shavers, traveling irons and other small appliances may need both transformers and adaptor plugs.


Surrounded by high mountains and open seas, Turkey is a cornucopia of natural wonders. Apart from that, Turkey is noted for its climatic diversity ranging from the Mediterranean to oceanic to continental climates.

The northern regions of Turkey have an oceanic climate whereas the southern areas are affected by a temperate Mediterranean climate. The continental climate reigning in the internal regions makes one experience four seasons in one day.

The southern regions which are popular among tourists particularly in summer and the central and northern regions of Turkey which are in demand rather in winter are popular for their cultural heritage as well as the variety of touristic and sports facilities.

Subject to a variety of climates, Anatolia is also rich in flora and fauna. The habitat of numerous varieties of flora and fauna alongside magnificent forests, Turkey, is worth visiting any season of the year.


Alcohol is readily available in hotels, restaurants, and bars etc despite recent restrictions on the sale of the product within the country. Despite this, the traveler has not been affected with Istanbul and the resort areas still experiencing a thriving nightlife.


Although it is safe to drink tap water, it is recommended to buy bottled drink water which can be found almost everywhere at stores. The city water is chlorinated for sanitation reasons of which you might not like the smell. You can safely brush your teeth with tap water.


People wear contemporary dresses like any western country, and especially in big cities and popular holiday destinations, one can easily spot many who are closely observing international fashion. The only time you need to be mindful about dress codes is when visiting a mosque. Everyone should wear clothing that covers his or her legs, so no shorts, much like in any temple. Women should also make sure that their shoulders and head are covered. Shoes should be removed before entering a mosque.


Turkey is the only secular country in the Islamic world. Secularism is enshrined in the constitution that religion has no place whatsoever in governing of the country. Like other European countries, the weekly holiday is Sunday - not Friday as many are mistaken- and the Gregorian calendar is used in Turkey. The constitution secures the freedom of belief and worshiping. During the time of the Ottoman Empire, people of many different faiths lived together in peace, and since then this diversity has been preserved. Today there are 236 churches and 34 synagogues open for worship in Turkey.

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